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Handheld Wireless Microphone, VHF Vocal Audio Dynamic Mic for Outside Amplifier Party Wedding Entertainment Activity, Indoor Meeting Karaoke Recording


Normally: $29.99

Unencumbered by instrument or microphone cables, wireless systems is faster to set up. Plug the receiver into the MIC input of devices, then switch on devices and microphone to use.
Receiver applies Surface-mount technology(SMT) instead of traditional through-hole technology, which allows much higher circuit densities for mini shape.
Created Today at 06:50 AM by doakie

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Amazon [ amazon.com ] has HODGSON Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men or Women

Use FJA73CTQ to get $ 8.99 at checkout Applause
Created Today at 12:17 PM by marqzho

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Flowers in the Attic [ vudu.com ] Digital HD for $0.99 at VUDU

Thanks RT

edit: lol I guess $0.99 isn't good enough. Happy Holidays to you!
Created Today at 11:06 AM by bru20

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70% off Windsor Violins on Amazon, now $19.99: https://www.amazon.com/b?node=17142847 011
Created Today at 10:26 AM by crshngdwn

Created Today at 08:17 PM by longmanj9

+ 5 Deal Score
Use Retail Me Not for $15 off $75 purchase - be sure to sign in and click through their website to get to Academy Sports and Outdoors

Add the 350 round bucket to cart and find a filler for $5.49 (I got Winchester Target Load 12 Gauge Shotshells)


$75.48 - $30 MIR - $15 cashback = $30.48

Shipping is free
Created Today at 07:43 PM by natehawkv8

+ 8 Deal Score
Save $5 when you buy two of the following Blu-ray titles making it $3.49 and up Each, at Best Buy
Some titles those are not restricted to online purchase only, may qualify for $1 pick up discount.
First choose shipping in cart, then find pick up option during check out.

I got Underworld & Resident Evil for $7 shipped, Fifth Element & Equalizer for $6 pick up

Fifth Element [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
Bad Boys/Bad Boys II [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
Resident Evil: Final Chapter [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
Fury [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
The 5th Wave [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
Pixels [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
Don't Breath [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
Inferno [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
The Shallows [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [ bestbuy.com ] - $5.99
The Equalizer [ bestbuy.com ] - $6.99
The Angry Birds Movie [ bestbuy.com ] - $6.99
Sausage Party [ bestbuy.com ] - $6.99
Passengers [ bestbuy.com ] - $8.99
Heavy Metal 1981 [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Mastered in 4K [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
The Last Dragon 1985 [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Resident Evil: Vendetta [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
T2: Trainspotting [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
A League of Their Own 25th Anniversary Ed. 1992 [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Taxi Driver 40th Anniversary Ed. 1976 [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Christine 1983 [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Ghostbusters: Answer the call [Steelbook] [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Annie [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
Labyrinth 1986 [ bestbuy.com ] - $9.99
The Raid 2 & The Raid: Redemption [ bestbuy.com ] - $12.99
Chappie/District 9/Elysium [ bestbuy.com ] - $12.99
21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street [ bestbuy.com ] - $12.99
Created Today at 12:26 PM by SlickDkid

+ 5 Deal Score
Target has Google chromecast (2nd gen) for $20.


Also the Google chromecast ultra is available for $54.


Free shipping and red card holders save additional 5%.

Also the chromecast audio is available for $25.

Created Today at 08:50 AM by SlickSaBo

+ 5 Deal Score
Must add to cart to get the price

Additional 5% off with redcard


Corrected title - Should be $28.05. It will only discount 5% after the $10 GC.
Created Today at 01:21 AM by Significa

+ 5 Deal Score
FREE $10 Walgreens Gift Card
$30 iTunes Multipack or $50 iTunes Gift Card
Redeem in store only

Did this last year. You need to grab a Walgreens gift card from the display and bring it to the register when you purchase. Used the gift card to buy other gift cards.

https://www.walgreens.c om/offers/...#/weeklyad
Created Today at 06:37 AM by mummykaye

+ 6 Deal Score
Best Buy
Created Today at 11:07 PM by RevOne

+ 14 Deal Score
For a limited time Atom Tickets is offering the BOGO deal when you use Chase Pay.

How to redeem:

1. Select a showtime for any movie & add at least 2 tickets to your cart.
2. Use Chase Pay as your payment method and the discount will apply automatically.

Note: Your phone must have security-enabled fingerprint, TouchID, passcode or PIN sign-in. If you have never used Chase Pay, you'll be prompted for your Chase online username and password to get started.

Offer is valid November 21, 2017 (12.01 am ET) through November 26, 2017 (11.59 pm ET) or until supplies run out, whichever occurs first.

https://www.atomtickets .com/
Created Today at 04:29 AM by jnmjy

+ 5 Deal Score
Been wanting to get my kids watching the original DuckTales shows. Noticed the price for each Season/Volume dropped to almost half the regular price.

$7.99 for each Season/Volume (each volume ~16 episodes)

Created Today at 11:17 AM by Jcaelum

+ 6 Deal Score
Spiderman is back in stock at best buy for 14.99 for elite members.

https://www.bestbuy.com/site/spid...Id=59169 10
Created Today at 10:04 AM by draymond416

The 25% off for board games is dead, but they dropped Dixit 33% off. Super easy game for all ages (5+).



+ 5 Deal Score
https://www.tivo.com/thanksgiving... giving2017

TiVo has their first Whiteout deals posted:
TiVo Bolt 500GB All-in $489.97
Tivo-Renewed Bolt 500GB All-In $449.98
TiVo-Renewed Mini $99.99
TiVo Mini $129.99
And More!

Free Shipping
Extended Warranties are available for purchase as well
Created Today at 02:12 AM by jdangles1

+ 5 Deal Score
https://primenow.amazon .com/brows...ref=pe_ ecg

Terms & Conditions

In order to qualify for the $15 promotional credit, you must: (1) be an Amazon Prime Member; (2) have received this offer and have not previously purchased an Amazon.com Gift Card with your account on Prime Now or Amazon.com; (3) make a qualifying purchase of at least $50 in Amazon.com Gift Card(s) in a single order on Prime Now by December 3, 2017, 11:59 PM (PT); and (4) enter the promotional code "17GIFTCARD" at check out. 1. This limited time offer expires earlier of 11:59 PM (PT) December 3, 2017 or while supplies last. Any promotional credit remaining unredeemed after January 18, 2018 11:59 PM (PT) will be forfeited. 2. To qualify, Amazon.com Gift Card purchases must total at least $50 in combined value, and the Amazon.com Gift Card(s) must be purchased in a single order on Prime Now by an Amazon Prime Member account. Amazon.com Gift Cards are subject to Terms and Conditions www.amazon.com/gc-legal 3. The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $15. 4. Offer valid on Amazon.com Gift Cards delivered on or before December 3, 2017 purchased on Prime Now. Offer does not apply to orders placed through voice shopping using Alexa, Amazon.com or any Amazon mobile application other than Prime Now. 5. Taxes, tips, and delivery fees, if applicable, do not apply when determining the minimum purchase amount. 6. For qualifying purchases, a promotional credit of $15 will be automatically applied within three (3) days to the Prime Now account that was used to purchase the Amazon.com Gift Card(s) after the qualifying order has been completed and delivered. 7. You will receive an e-mail from Prime Now within three (3) days of delivery that indicates the dollar amount of the promotional credit and that the promotional credit has been added to your Prime Now customer account. The email will also provide instructions on how to redeem the promotional credit. 8. Limit one promotional credit per account as designated by the primary email address. 9. The promotional credit only applies to products purchased through Prime Now that are sold by Amazon, except as stated below. 10. The promotional credit may not be applied towards the purchase of any alcohol or digital content or products sold by third party sellers or restaurants that are available on Prime Now. 11. Promotional credits may not be redeemed for or applied toward the purchase of any gift cards. 12. When applying the promotional credit, your order is subject to the minimum order amount in your delivery area. Items must be purchased in a single order and delivered at the same speed to a single address. 13. This promotion may not be combined with other credits or offers. 14. If any of the products or content purchased in conjunction with the use of the promotional credit are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies. In determining the amount you paid for the product or content, the promotional credit will be proportionately applied to all eligible purchases within the transaction. 15. The promotional credit is non–transferable, non–exchangeable, not redeemable for cash, and may not be resold. 16. Delivery fees and taxes may apply to the full value of discounted and free promotional items. 17. If you violate any of these terms and cond
Created Today at 02:00 PM by iPak

+ 11 Deal Score
Part of Audible's 20th Anniversary Celebration, "Buy Any Book From Featured (Hall fo Fame) Narrators, Get $5 To Spend On Another!"

https://www.audible.com/mt/audibl...Z1QJ00 KHZ&

Confirmed that "buy" includes use of Audible Book Credit. (If helpful, Audible chat transcript below.)

Audible Narrator Hall of Fame :

Audible Book Credit Works - Chat Transcript
Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:
Initial Question: Question re current promotion: "BUY ANY BOOK FROM OUR FEATURED NARRATORS, GET $5 TO SPEND ON ANOTHER."
Does "buy" include use of an Audible credit?
Or, does buy only include a credit card purchase?
We purchased one book today with a book credit, and currently unable to read if we qualified for the $5 credit
07:49 AM PST Eveth(Audible): Thank you for contacting Audible. My name is Eveth. I can certainly look into this for you.
07:50 AM PST Eveth: One moment while I access your account.
07:54 AM PST Eveth: Thank you for your patience.
I am checking however I was unable to find that promotion.
07:55 AM PST KRC: https://www.audible.com/mt/audibl...9F6CHV 69E&
List of narrators here - https://www.audible.com/ep/Audible_NHOF
07:55 AM PST Eveth: Thank you.
07:57 AM PST KRC: My purchase today relates to "Jim Dale," one of the listed narrators.
07:57 AM PST Eveth: The credit purchase also qualifies.

Created Today at 09:15 AM by krc446

Available at:

Best Buy has Game of Thrones the Complete Seasons 1-6 on Blu-Ray with digital copy for $69.99:

https://www.bestbuy.com/site/game...Id=56290 04

Shipping is free. Free pick-up in store with an additional $1 discount, making the final price $68.99.

+ 7 Deal Score
The Christopher Nolan 4K Collection is available for pre-order at bull moose. Ships 12/18.

http://www.bullmoose.c om/p/263917...collec tion

Titles include:

Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
The Prestige

Thanks MG
Created Yesterday at 07:36 PM by bru20

Yeti in My Spaghetti board game is on sale at amazon for $7.49 (make sure you click the coupon on the page)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UPAY...vpc_s lickd

Target has a similar deal with their 25% off today, shipping is free


Amazon Video has various Season 1 for $4.99 for a lot of different series:

https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_p...1511 018371

+ 5 Deal Score
Audible has "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan on sale for $4.95 as the daily deal for 11/18/2017. Deal ends @ 11:59PM PT.

One of the bestselling science books of all time. Audio version has overall rating of 4.8 of 5

https://www.audible.com/pd/Scienc...545&sr =1-1

From Amazon: "Cosmos retraces the fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution that have transformed matter into consciousness, exploring such topics as the origin of life, the human brain, Egyptian hieroglyphics, spacecraft missions, the death of the Sun, the evolution of galaxies, and the forces and individuals who helped to shape modern science."
Created Today at 07:57 AM by krc446

+ 7 Deal Score
Part of the Audible 20th birthday celebration, today only

"I Am Legend"
By: Richard Matheson
Narrated by: Robertson Dean
Length: 5 hrs and 19 mins

https://www.audible.com/pd/Fictio...B002V1 CB2Q
Created Today at 07:43 AM by krc446

+ 5 Deal Score
Free Shipping or Free Store Pickup

Board Games : 25% Off Applied in cart
(Valid Today Only)
Created Today at 02:25 AM by longmanj9

+ 5 Deal Score
Its Star Wars and digital so will always be higher priced than people would like but it IS on sale ($18 at Amazon and $20 at Vudu) and a decent price as these things go.

Star Wars: A New Hope $9.99 at FandangoNOW. This title is UV. It will transfer to Vudu and should then transfer to other services via MA. Note: I can not guarantee any of this as I already own it but I'm confident the UV transfer should work for sure.

And yes it is not the "original" version. You will not find that on digital. Fully prepared to hear all about it though.

https://www.fandangonow .com/detai...8DF956F AD2
Created Today at 02:38 PM by bru20

+ 6 Deal Score
Created Today at 02:15 PM by longmanj9

+ 5 Deal Score
Got the email this morning and switched. Limit 2 accounts per household.
$6.95 per month plus $6.55 processing fee paid as $89.95 on day one of your next billing cycle.
Link: https://www.moviepass.c om/auth/session
Created Today at 10:00 AM by c2nah777

https://www.target.com/s?searchTe...or +swift_s

Album + Magazine are regularly $19.99. Target has it for $16 on Black Friday, so this deal beats it!

Sorry for the quick post. I'm on the app!

Did a search and did not see this posted.

Found Lion for $5 on Amazon. Excellent movie and good use of no-rush credits.


Also $5 on Google Play.

+ 7 Deal Score
https://www.amctheatres .com/gift-cards


"Get yourself a little something when you get a gift for someone else! Today only, when you buy $50 in AMC gift cards, you get a $10 concession bonus card FREE."
Created Today at 08:01 AM by MaiDaBao

+ 6 Deal Score
For new and existing customers, starting Nov 17 [ sprint.com ]

1 Hulu Limited Commercials plan per eligible Sprint account.
Created Today at 07:27 AM by LGNF

+ 5 Deal Score
Holiday board game sale at Asmodee NA. Some titles have sold out but there are still many good deals. Shipping starts around $11.

$50 Conan [ asmodeena.com ]
$10 Black Fleet [ asmodeena.com ]
$20 Lewis & Clark [ asmodeena.com ]
$30 Terror in Meeple City [ asmodeena.com ]
$25 City of Remnants [ asmodeena.com ]
$20 Chicago Express [ asmodeena.com ]

Many more:
https://holiday-sale.asmodeena. com/catalogue/
Created Today at 09:25 PM by timemachine

available in tuxedo black 2-tone [ adorama.com ] , highland green 2-tone [ adorama.com ] , and Roman Red 2-Tone [ adorama.com ]
$1500 each + free shipping w/ code BLACKFRIDY

comes with a case, paperwork (3rd pic is of different color, but it shows the case and paperwork)

some youtube videos of this (colors maybe different)

+ 5 Deal Score
IFly [ iFlyworld.com ] is offering $50 off the normal price of $79.95, for a weekday booking, through Nov 16th with promo code WOWDAY.

Deal is good for first time and returning flyers.

*Offer valid on Earn Your Wings and Earn Your Wings Return Packages, Monday – Thursday, to book and fly 11/1/17 through 11/16/17 only. Valid at iFLY Austin, Baltimore, Chicago – Lincoln Park, Naperville & Rosemont, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Houston – Memorial & Woodlands, Hollywood, Kansas City, King of Prussia, Loudoun, Oklahoma City, Oceanside, Ontario, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, SFBAY, Seattle, Tampa and Virginia Beach only. Not valid on vouchers, group packages, previous purchases, exchanges, special orders or gift cards. Discounts cannot be combined with other iFLY offers or discounts. PROMO CODE: WOWDAY
Created Today at 12:34 PM by Hutcha

Posting from app which is awful-will update later if needed.

Walmart has limited edition star wars dart boards on clearance starting at:$9.00

Ymmv-ship to store

$21.97 orig: $62.00

$9.00 orig: 19.00

$9.00 orig: $14.76

$21.97 orig: $62.00

$22.01 not clearance

$9.00 orig: $19.01

Here is a link to see all available:


VUDU weekly deals include the Tarantino 6-film Collection in HDX for $14.99.


Titles included: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 1 & Kill Bill 2.

+ 5 Deal Score
Another Stubs bonus offer:

Register & See Thor in IMAX® to Earn

Enter your account number below to register. Then, see Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok 11/9-11/12 in IMAX® at AMC to get 1,000 AMC Stubs Bonus Points.

https://www.amctheatres .com/bonus-points/thor

Registered members will earn 1,000 Bonus Points following the completion of a transaction with tickets to Thor: Ragnarok in IMAX with a total maximum of 3,000 Bonus Points possible over the course of the promotion.

Note: The AMC nearby is only showing Thor in 3D (no 2D available) in the IMAX theater, and when I borrowed some of the IMAX 3D glasses to check it out while waiting for another movie, I actually felt the quality wasn't as good as the RealD. YMMV, depending on the relative size of your local IMAX (mine's not that much bigger than standard) and how well they clean the smudges from the 3d glasses, since IMAX glasses are reused.
Created Yesterday at 10:30 PM by dealgirl1

+ 5 Deal Score
Created Today at 02:11 PM by ChicoDad

+ 5 Deal Score
Received email from Groupon offering $13 for a Fandango Promotional Code Good Toward Two Movie Tickets (Up to $26 Total Value)

By invitation only - check your email or try following link.

Created Yesterday at 09:47 PM by ChicoDad

+ 5 Deal Score
Admission to LEGOLAND® California, SEA LIFE® Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park
Now through January 18, 2019
Blackout dates of December 26, 2018-January 1, 2019
First visit must occur by April 30, 2018
Delivered via email


LEGOLAND® California Terms & Conditions:
Recipient's email address MUST be supplied in the email field on Shipping Address page
Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND® California, Water Park and SEA LIFE® Aquarium, from date of purchase through January 18, 2019
Black-out dates December 26, 2018-January 1, 2019
First visit must be used by April 30, 2018
Present this 1-day ticket at the LEGOLAND California Membership Processing area inside the front gate during your first visit, and exchange it for your Resort Play Pass. Play Pass required for all subsequent visits
Resort Play Pass is non-transferrable
LEGOLAND Water Park is located inside LEGOLAND California and requires same day admission to LEGOLAND California. Visit LEGOLAND.com for days and hours of operation
LEGOLAND Water Park is open seasonally and may operate with limited availability. Times and schedules subject to change without notice
Resort Play Pass is not considered a membership therefore does not receive member benefits
Resort Play Pass does not include admission to ticketed special events, including Brick-or-Treat Party Nights
Park and parking lot may reach capacity; Resort Play Pass does not guarantee admission during periods of high attendance
Not for resale
Offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offers
eTicket remains property of LEGOLAND and is non-refundable
Use of this ticket implies agreement with terms and conditions posted in Park Guide
Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder and to require guests to leave the Park at any time
An adult must accompany children ages 12 and under
Management hereby declares itself not responsible for theft or loss of any personal property
No refunds or rain checks in the event of inclement weather during peak attendance
Photocopies or duplicates will not be accepted
Entry into LEGOLAND constitutes consent to use any film, video or likeness of ticket bearer for advertising and any other promotions without payment
Created 10-24-2017 at 04:50 PM by vajratlr

+ 5 Deal Score
Bestseller board game for a great price.

Lowest price ever (CCC).

Created 11-06-2017 at 01:07 PM by blacknwhite77

+ 7 Deal Score
Wanted to get Rudolph for the holidays. Noticed that Google Play has the "season" for $9.99 but "Episode 1" for $1.99 SD, $2.99 HD. I don't see a difference between the episode and the season content.

Created Today at 10:19 AM by WalletBoyToo

+ 5 Deal Score
AMC Theatres $5 Ticket Tuesdays [ amctheatres.com ]

Through December 19th, tickets are just $5 every Tuesday for AMC Stubs members. Only at the box office.

AMC Theatres is also offering a Cameo Size Popcorn & 21 oz. Fountain Drink Combo for $5 with coupon [ cloudinary.com ] through December 19th.
Created Today at 03:57 PM by xlnc

Form 11/2 to 11/6 Thompsons Cigar has a 5 pack of H. Upmann Havoc cigars for $10 with free shipping.

I know what people say about Thompson, just say no when they call you for their "club" and ask them nicely not to call you again. It worked for me.

Also if you pay with paypal, go on your desktop to paypal settings and remove them as perferred seller, this way they can never charge you without your authorization and your all set.

https://m.thompsoncigar .com/produ...lsLmNvb Q==

Great board game. Kinda ticked because I bought it just over 2 months ago for around $60 and now it's too late to price rewind.

Free Shipping with Prime.

https://www.amazon.com/Stonemaier...B0 1IPUGYK6

+ 5 Deal Score
Created Today at 07:19 AM by bittul

+ 6 Deal Score
Link [ millcreekent.com ]

Quality is SD and these will not port anywhere. Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV (maybe more?) have apps for Mill Creek and you can cast from your browser to the TV.

Make sure you are logged in to your account before you purchase.


THE APE (1940) 62 min.
THE APE MAN (1943) 64 min.
ATOM AGE VAMPIRE (1960) 87 min.
THE ATOMIC BRAIN (1963) 65 min.
THE BLOODSUCKERS (1967) 88 min.
THE CORPSE VANISHES (1942) 64 min.
COUNTERBLAST (1948) 90 min.
CRIMSON (1973) 93 min.
DEAD MEN WALK (1943) 64 min.
DEATH WARMED UP (1984) 85 min.
THE DEVIL BAT (1940) 64 min.
DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1920) 67 min.
THE DRUMS OF JEOPARDY (1931) 75 min.
EMBRYO (1976) 104 min.
FRANKENSTEIN '80 (1972) 85 min.
FROZEN ALIVE (1964) 75 min.
THE HEAD (1959) 97 min.
HORROR EXPRESS (1972) 90 min.
I EAT YOUR SKIN (1971) 84 min.
THE KILLER SHREWS (1959) 69 min.
KING OF THE ZOMBIES (1941) 67 min.
KONG ISLAND (1968) 85 min.
LADY FRANKENSTEIN (1971) 84 min.
THE LUCIFER COMPLEX (1978) 91 min.
THE MAD MONSTER (1942) 76 min.
MAN IN THE ATTIC (1953) 82 min.
MANIAC (1934) 51 min.
THE MANSTER (1959) 72 min.
MESA OF LOST WOMEN (1953) 69 min.
METAMORPHOSIS (1990) 90 min.
METROPOLIS (1927) 119 min.
THE MONSTER MAKER (1944) 64 min.
NIGHTMARE CASTLE (1965) 96 min.
PANIC (1982) 90 min.
THE PHANTOM CREEPS (1939) 78 min.
THE PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES (1955) 81 min.
THE REVENGE OF DOCTOR X (1970) 94 min.
SHADOW OF CHINATOWN (1936) 65 min.
SON OF INGAGI (1940) 61 min.
TEENAGE ZOMBIES (1960) 73 min.
TORTURE SHIP (1939) 57 min.
THE WASP WOMAN (1959) 73 min.

Thanks AL et al
Created Today at 08:57 AM by bru20

+ 5 Deal Score
https://mobile.pcgamesu pply.com/s...-promotion

Very limited stock if you need one grab it quickly.
Created Today at 06:22 PM by AriVazquez

+ 5 Deal Score
Free Store Pickup or Free Shipping on $35
Currently $19.59 at Amazon [ amazon.com ]
Created Today at 05:55 PM by longmanj9

+ 5 Deal Score
My local Best Buy Store has the newest nvidia shield controller on sale for $29.99. It's not clearance, and it's not showing up on their website.

Link for reference:
https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nvid...Id=57097 07
Created Today at 05:37 PM by jlong129

+ 6 Deal Score
Haven't found a deal page yet, but here's what I found so far:

Let's Go Fishing [ amazon.com ] - $6.69
Connect Four [ amazon.com ] - $7.99
Jenga [ amazon.com ] - $8.77
Pancake Pile-Up! Relay Game [ amazon.com ] - $11.98
Battleship [ amazon.com ] - $12.79
Apples to Apples Junior [ amazon.com ] - $12.99
Say Anything [ amazon.com ] - $13.99
Soggy Doggy [ amazon.com ] - $14.88
Guess Who [ amazon.com ] - $14.90
Wits & Wagers Party [ amazon.com ] - $15.99
Axis & Allies 1941 [ amazon.com ] - $15.99
Blokus [ amazon.com ] - $16.39
Codenames [ amazon.com ] - $16.95
Monopoly Gamer [ amazon.com ] - $19.79
Monopoly Classic [ amazon.com ] - $20.26
Gravity Maze [ amazon.com ] - $23.99
Catan Junior [ amazon.com ] - $24.99
Sheriff of Nottingham [ amazon.com ] - $27.95
Tokaido [ amazon.com ] - $29.49
Castles of Burgandy [ amazon.com ] - $29.56
Santorini [ amazon.com ] - $29.95
Flash Point Second Edition [ amazon.com ] - $29.99
Catan [ amazon.com ] - $39.88

EDIT : Complete list may be be going live here [ amazon.com ] , although currently there is a lot missing and ineligible. Thanks brettatk & TofuVic.
Created Today at 09:54 AM by Asuna

+ 5 Deal Score
I was looking for a pair of polarized sunglasses and found this on Amazon:


40% off code: YCQ7PS2X

$11.99 AC

Reviews are 4.5 stars and it looks pretty cool.

【PREFRECT TO FIT YOUR FACE】 -- Aluminum-magnesium metal frame, can be adjusted to fit for your size,Nose Pads can also be adjusted. !!ATTENTION We Do Not Have Other Distributors,So please choose Item that sold by COSVER,COSVER sunglasses has the only one store,Other seller's are all Fake Ones
【TAC POLARIZED LENS】 --100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Suitable for different environments to wear, 24 hours to protect your eyes.
【EXTRMELY LIGHT-WEIGHT】 -- COSVER sunglasses use of advanced high-quality materials , aluminum-magnesium alloy , Its hardness is several times of other traditional plastic sunglasses , weights only 25 g , but they are scratch resistant, durable and unbreakable.
【SECURE and STYLISH DESIGN】 -- Fashion lines & design features create aesthetically pleasing appearance to fit the American face. Lightweight sunglasses frame design is ideal for motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities,also for Casual.
【COSVER WARRANTY】 -- Lifetime Breakage Warranty on Frame & Lens and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason,You have no risk to try and we will provide you the best service!
Created Today at 03:37 AM by superflysocal

+ 5 Deal Score

Apply promo code CHILL20 for 20% Off

Wonder Woman is currently on sale for $9.99 at Amazon [ amazon.com ]
Created Today at 12:17 PM by longmanj9

+ 5 Deal Score
For all you FUNKO Collectors, here is a deal for you! Rollback Deal! bounce
MSRP $24.99 (average price out there is between $15-$19.99)


Funko Pop Marvel Captain America: Civil War Figures Set (4-Pack)
Set of Captain America: Civil War figures
Recommended for ages 3 years and older
Made of vinyl
Hawkeye and Spider-Man height: 3.75"

Set Contents
  • Captain America key chain
  • Iron Man key chain
  • Hawkeye vinyl figure
  • Spider-Man vinyl figure

Created Today at 02:56 PM by lips111

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Wonder Woman has been bouncing around for $9.99 at various vendors for about a week at a time: first Amazon, then iTunes, now VUDU. I was undecided about starting a new thread for this, but there is one reason it may be worth sharing separately.

For T-Mobile customers , next Tuesday you should expect a $5.50 coupon as part of the T-mobile Tuesday promo. Assuming this title remains on sale for at least one week as is normal, you can pick up Wonder Woman for $9.99 - $5.50 = $4.49.
For those interested, this title is Movies Anywhere compatible, so you will gain full UHD access in iTunes, Amazon, and Google through your linked VUDU account.

Link [ vudu.com ]
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AT&T's "Thanks" promotion is offering one ticket free when you buy one. Offer valid for on (Any) Tuesdays only and for AT&T customers only.
1) Navigate to http://tickettwosdays. att.com/
2)Enter the Phone Number and Billing Zip code.
3) You receive a temporary code on the cellphone. Enter the same on the screen.
4)The page will navigate to movietickets.com
5) Select the movie and show time.
6)You will see the reduced price while checking out.

Enjoy!! bounce bounce bounce
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Free store pick up or free s/h $35+

Pressman Family Classics Solid Wood Cribbage Set [ walmart.com ] $4.83 (w/ in-store pick up discount)
Ideal Folding Wood Cribbage Set [ walmart.com ] $4.97

Ideal Folding Wood Cribbage Set [ amazon.com ] also available for $4.97 as an add on with a $25+ purchase for Amazon Prime members

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Wonder Woman is on sale for $9.99 at iTunes. 4K with Dolby Vision.

Wonder Woman (2017) by Patty Jenkins
https://itunes.apple.co m/us/movie...1235765 633
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Shipping is free $35+ or free store pick up

Link Here [ walmart.com ] $13.27
  • Age Range: 8 years and up
  • 2 or more players can play Omaha, 5 Card Stud, High/Low, Texas Hold 'Em and more
  • Includes an aluminum carrying case (15.25" x 9.25" x 2.75"), 2 decks of cards, 5 dice, 300 poker chips and Big Blind, Little Blind and Dealer buttons
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The deal that SandNerd mentioned last month is now back and a little better.

Sinemia - If you pay annually is $9.49/month for 2 movies a month. Looks like both movies can be IMAX with the new terms.

There is even a plan for 2 for $18.49. In this plan you can take whoever you want for the second ticket (both tickets need to be used together).

More movie theaters also seem to be included than moviepass.

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Price is $19.97 but use coupon code 3TCUWYTH to get 45% off for a final price of $10.98.

https://www.amazon.com/COSVER-Pol...sunglasse s
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Free Shipping or Free Store Pickup

Note, sale price is shown in cart See Fry's Weekly Ad [ 7eer.net ]
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Full PC Frame, UV Protective, Stylish, Lightweight, Unisex for Men and Women is available.

Apply 50% off Code : EIAOM8PO

Final price after coupon $9.99 [not for black matte frame / grey lens ]

Shipping is FREE for Prime members
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Tiny House of Terror (Digital HD) is available for purchase on VUDU for $0.99

Link [ vudu.com ]