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*Many More Added* Cell Phone Cases @ Verizon - S22, S21, A13, A53, Moto G Power, iPhone 12/13 $4.99 FS

Verizon has added a lot of $4.99 cases. Many Samsung S22 and S21 series as well as iPhone 12 and 13. Spigen, Otterbox, Incipio, etc. Happy Hunting!

Cases [verizon.com]

iPhone XR + 3 months unlimited plan on Boost Mobile - $99 FS

Shows on my.boostmobile.com home page, no direct link.
Boost [boostmobile.com]

Order Summary
Apple iPhone XR Renewed
ATT Boost Mobile SIM Kit Envelope for Web/Care for SIM OUT devices
Discount (Renewed iPhone XR discount) -$190.00
Surcharges -
Taxes -
Due Today $99.99

  • Official Launch Monitor of Golf Digest
  • Named the Best Personal Golf Launch Monitor of 2022 by MyGolfSpy
  • Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Launch Monitor
  • Data and Insights Every Golfer Needs
  • Immediate Feedback on the Range, Immediate Results on the Course
  • Practice Smarter, Not Longer
  • Swing With Confidence, Shoot Better Scores
  • Indoor and Outdoor use


Also on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for the same price:

Best Buy has in saddle brown the magsafe Apple leather wallet. This is the older version without the tracking feature, but I figured it's still worth posting. It appears to be on backorder, but you can still order it. Shipping is free.


ACS Mall_ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] has ESR Sidekick Hybrid Clear Case + 2-Pk Glass Screen Protectors (iPhone 12/ 12 Pro) on sale for $9.99 - 50% off w/ code: 50CZ57WP = $4.99. Shipping is free w/ Prime or on orders $25+.

iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro CaseiPhone 12 Pro CaseiPhone 12 CaseiPhone 12 Mini

i spent a couple hours looking for the best deal on a usb C to lightning cable and these seem to be the most reliable behind anker and amazon basics. overall great reviews. also these cables are supposed to be flexible, and not stiff.

if you are looking for longer cables, also available in 6ft 2 pack. price is $9.89 if you are a prime member.
6FT 2 PACK [amazon.com]

also a 10ft 2 pack for $10.99
10FT 2 PACK [amazon.com]

if anyone feels they have a good or better deal on these types of cables, please share...


Right now Xfinity Mobile has free iPhone 12 Mini with port in and 24 months payment plan.
The value depending on which model you get. The 64gb model is $630, the 128gb is $680, the 256gb is $780.
Adding a new line with port in on 24 months payment plan is required.

Was about about to purchase a GE 6 outlet extender and decided this is worth the extra $10 for the layout and USB C port. Not UL listed but I've always had good experiences with anker products and customer service


Guitar Center has the Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard on sale for $749.00. Shipping is free.

Color: Lemon Burst


Mahogany body with AAA maple veneer top with Lemon Burst finish
Rounded C-shaped profile mahogany neck
Indian laurel fretboard
Gibson Burstbucker 2 & 3 pickups
3-way switch
Tune-o-matic bridge
Stopbar tailpiece


amFilm via Amazon [amazon.com] has One Touch Screen Protectors for iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11 and Samsung Galaxy S22. See exact products, coupons and associated discount codes below.

Free Shipping w/ Prime or on orders $25+

iPhone 14 Series:iPhone 13 Series:iPhone 12 Series:iPhone 11 Series:Galaxy S22:

BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Pro Air Armor Case with Shockproof Air-Guard Corners for $13.99 - $2.10 w/ clipped coupon - $5.60 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $6.29. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.

Also Available:
Air Armor Case with Shockproof Air-Guard Corners
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14/13 Air Armor Case with Shockproof Air-Guard Corners for $13.99 - $2.10 w/ clipped coupon - $5.60 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $6.29. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Pro Max Air Armor Case with Shockproof Air-Guard Corners (Prime Exclusive) for $14.39 - $2.16 w/ clipped coupon - $5.76 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $6.47. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
Classic Kickstand Case with Built-in Camera Ring Stand
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14/13 Classic Kickstand Case with Built-in Camera Ring Stand (Prime Exclusive) for $16.19 - $1.62 w/ clipped coupon - $6.48 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $8.09. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Plus Classic Kickstand Case with Built-in Camera Ring Stand (Prime Exclusive) for $17.09 - $1.71 w/ clipped coupon - $6.84 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $8.54. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Pro Classic Kickstand Case with Built-in Camera Ring Stand (Prime Exclusive) for $18.89 - $1.89 w/ clipped coupon - $7.56 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $9.44. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Pro Max Classic Kickstand Case with Built-in Camera Ring Stand (Prime Exclusive) for $19.79 - $1.98 w/ clipped coupon - $7.92 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $9.89. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
Tempered-Glass Screen Protector, 3 Pack
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Plus Tempered-Glass Screen Protector, 3 Pack for $13.99 - $1.40 w/ clipped coupon - $5.60 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $6.99. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.
  • BDCollection US_ via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 14 Pro Tempered-Glass Screen Protector, 3 Pack for $13.99 - $1.40 w/ clipped coupon - $5.60 w/ code 40UV2Q57 = $6.99. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Limited-Edition Electric Guitar (Silver Burst) $599 + Free shipping at Guitar Center.

I personally own one and it's an amazing guitar. These "Inspired by Gibson" collection models were started in 2020 and are improvements over the previous Epiphone models made in prior years (often had quality issues and inconsistent). Great deal at $599 ($200 off reg price of $799).


Amazon [amazon.com] has Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless iPhone Charger Pad W/ 6' (2M) Long Cable (Black) for $13.99. Shipping is free w/ Amazon Prime or on $25+

Bestbuy [bestbuy.com] also has Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless iPhone Charger Pad W/ 6' (2M) Long Cable (Black) for $13.99. Shipping is free

BestBuy [bestbuy.com] has select IPhone cases on clearance and Shipping will show up free for My Best Buy Members.

Refer this deal for more details on how to get free shipping.

All the discounted Cell Phone Accessories under $25 can be found here [bestbuy.com].

All 50% or more discounted electronics under $25 can be found here [bestbuy.com].

Amazon has Apple official iPhone 13 silicon cases up to 57 percent off on select colors


good price if have rewards points


BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] has ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Vent Mount Charger for iPhone 14/13/12 on sale for $34.99 - 50% off w/ promo code: VICMYL4T = $17.49. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.

Visible [visible.com] offers New Customers: Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max Smartphone for $999/1099 + $200 Gift card + Airpods Pro(2nd Gen) when you Port-In Your Number from an eligible carrier [visible.com] (within 30 days) and complete 3-months of service. Next Day Shipping is free.

Use code: 15OFF12 for $15 off for 1st 12 months of Visible service. Code activates on Jan 4th.

Offer Requirements:
1. Join/activate Visible service as a new member
2. Purchase a qualifying Apple iPhone smartphone
3. Transfer an existing number from an eligible carrier (within 30 days of transaction)
4. Set up and active your Visible SIM card
5. Complete 3-full months of service payment

Costco case-mate is offering 30% discount on most of their products ( Apple iPhone ) even for discounted products. Free Shipping.

Costco membership required


BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] has iPhone 13 Series Cases from $2.99 by clip coupon and using code 40HHA8Q4. Shipping is Free.

Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max (Prime Member Exclusive)Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro (Prime Member Exclusive)Compatible with iPhone 13 (Prime Member Exclusive)

$3.35 to $5.99, depending on color and length.

40% off Promo Code shows on the product pages for me, except for the 3' Grey, but you can still get any length for less than $1.75/cable, if you don't care about the color.

SMALLElectric: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GCPLJJ2

Promo code: 40X8KYUB

Mods: Please don't delete or merge with other threads. I know there are at least 2 other threads on this, but this thread has the most up-to-date and correct information compared to the other threads.

Authorized Dealers: Do not go to an Authorized Dealer for this deal. It will simply not work due to the dealers adding Activation & other fees, add-ons and accessories with or without your knowledge. They have to make money somehow, and from what I have been told, they don't get that high of a margin on plain jane phone sales / activations only.

Corporate Stores: Corporate stores are supposed to follow a set standard and rules but that does not always happen. Depending on the managers, the floor staff and how the store is being run, they may or may not be following those rules. I know this because I visited at least 4 different corporate stores and was given different stories by each. It wasn't until I did my own research with the web site and the call center staff that I finally found the correct deal and it's requirements for the Apple iPhone 11 deal.

Now, on to the deal.

1) First, have a number to port in ready. While only the Phone Number, the Account Number and the PIN are required to successfully port-in your number to Metro by T-Mobile, they may ask for a name & address as well (this mostly happens in case the port is not instantaneous and they have to call the backend porting team to move that process along). Any other reason they give you will most probably be a made-up reason.

2) Go to Metro by T-Mobile's web site here [metrobyt-mobile.com]. Print out the Promo details. More specifically, the part that says Get one on us. That is what will ensure you get the correct price later on in the process.

3) Go to a Corporate Store. How you find one is by going to Metro by T-Mobile's web site, going to the Store Locator, typing in your zip code and performing the search. When the results populate, use the Filter option to filter the results to Corporate Stores only.

4) Tell them you are there for the Apple iPhone 11 Switcher Promotion for $49.99. While the promo has changed a bit at least 2 times that I know of, this promotion has been running for a while and the sales displays are there in most of the stores. They clearly indicate the Switcher Promo price of $49.99 for the Apple iPhone 11 64GB.

4a) Step 4 is where you will get the most variations of this deal. This is either because the staff at the Corporate Store is not properly informed or trained on the Apple iPhone Switcher Promo, or it is deliberate coming from the top down in order to charge the customers more than they should. I can't think of a 3rd reason why they would do this. Most will tell you that you need to pay at least $99.99 upfront and after 3 months of service, you will get a $50 rebate thereby making the phone $49.99. This is absolutely wrong. Please refer to Step 2 above, and make them read it. It clearly states that the phone is free after the 3 month $50 rebate.

5) Give them your ID and the number port-in information and let them do their magic. They have to type all that information into the system and it does take a while so be patient. The port usually goes through within your visit. I am not sure how correct this information is but I was told that the port has to go through for them to be able to hand you the Apple iPhone 11 after the transaction. This is a true system limitation that it does not show them if the number did in fact port over successfully until after you have paid and the receipt has printed out. I confirmed this myself.

5a) Depending on the store and staff, at this point they will try to add the unnecessary add-ons with or without your knowledge like for example, Insurance. Know and be firm on your stance that add-ons are NOT required. You just need the phone with the 1-Month $60 Plan and nothing else.

6) This just started. Corporate stores are not charging Activation fees. I am not sure how long it will last, but for now they are not charging it on any of the deals. So your transaction would look something like:

Apple iPhone 11 64GB: $499.99
SIM: $0.00
Switcher Plus Promo: -$450.00
Service Payment: $60.00
Sub Total: $109.99
Sales Tax: $x.xx
Total: $109.99 + Tax

PAY CASH ONLY. This will confirm that you are Prepaid only in case you want to do the Drawer trick.

7) Corporate Store staff will open the new iPhone 11 64GB box, insert the SIM, activate it, make sure that the number is ported over, and that you can call and text without setting up any of the Apple setup stuff. This is required of them.

8) They will hand your over your new phone, the receipt and the 3-in-1 SIM Card. Thank them and enjoy your new $110 Apple iPhone 11 64GB.

Note: Please be responsible and don't abuse this deal. There is a reason why so many restrictions have been placed on deals like these. There is a limit of 2 Switcher Promos per household (single address) every 6 months. They verify this using your ID.

SF Planet via Amazon has Vena iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Plus Cases listed below


iPhone 14iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 14 Plus

Zagg.com [zagg.com] has Gear4 iPhone 13 Pro Crystal Palace Snap Phone Case with MagSafe Compatibility for $9.99 (normally $49.99). Shipping is free.

Also Available:


Get a free Pixel 7 when you trade in an eligible phone Get Pixel 7 for free or Pixel 7 Pro for as low as $50 when you trade in an eligible phone and use promo code PIXEL2022 at checkout. Eligible phones include:
• iPhone® 8 and 8 Plus
• iPhone® SE (2nd gen) and SE (3rd gen)
• iPhone® X, XR, XS, and XS Max
• iPhone® 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max
• iPhone® 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max
• iPhone® 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max

To qualify for the full discount, you need to:
  • Activate the phone (data-only SIMs do not qualify) within 30 days of the shipment confirmation email and keep the qualifying phone active on Google Fi for 60 consecutive days.
  • You must activate on the same Fi account used to purchase the phone or be a new member of the purchaser's group plan.
  • The new members must not have been active on Fi in the last 180 days.
  • The discounted price will automatically apply during checkout. If you do not meet the conditions above, the amount of the promotion will be charged to your Google Pay account.
  • Complete the trade-in of your eligible device within 30 days of receiving the trade-in kit. Trade-in values vary based on condition, year, and configuration of your eligible device, and are subject to change upon inspection. Trade-in device must be factory reset.
  • Not eligible if buying with Pixel Pass

ACS Mall_ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] have various style cases for iPhone 12/13 and More on sale listed below. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders of $25 or more.

Use code 507CC66W

ESR Clear Cases with 2 Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorsESR Silicone Case with 2 Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorsESR Soft Liquid Silicone CaseESR Soft Liquid Silicone Case with MagSafeESR Metro Series Real Leather Case ESR Clear Glitter Case ESR Armorite Screen Protector

Verizon currently has the backbone controller for iPhone and android with the same bundle price. The bundle consists of:
- Backbone controller
- 3 mos of gamepass ultimate
- $25 Xbox gift card


UPDATE NOV 20: Originally was $99.99 on website but has been reduced to $49.99 to match the price shown in store starting early Nov (first seen Nov 4th). Porting requires a store visit.

[ORIGINAL: Could be early Black Friday - looks like an extra $50 rebate on the iPhone 11 in store, so only $49.99 for signing up on a $50 plan. This is NOW showing up on the webpage, but is priced as such in store.]

As always with Metro, the store requirements on minimum plan, activation fee, etc, will vary.

ORIGINAL TEXT: I see comments stating that it is $99.99 for port-in - this is why I listed it as YMMV as there is now supposedly an extra $50 rebate. Maybe this has kicked in early and is planned for Black Friday, but it is available in some stores now - YMMV

Here is the previous main thread with full details:


TOZO PB3 Portable Charger 10000mAh One of The Lightest and Slimmest Fast Power Bank 18W PD High-Speed Charging Battery Pack with USB-C Input/Output for iPhone,Samsung and More Gray


Original Price: $22.99

Deal Price: $11.49


Logged into the Google Fi app on my iPhone today and saw the following offer. Didn't see this deal posted, I'm assuming it's targeted to iPhone users. I'm using Google Fi with esim on my iPhone.

Get a free Pixel 7 when you trade in an
eligible phone
Get Pixel 7 for free or Pixel 7 Pro for as low as $50
when you trade in an eligible phone and use
promo code PIXEL2022 at checkout.
Eligible phones include:
iPhone® 8 and 8 Plus
iPhone® SE (2nd gen) and SE (3rd gen)
iPhone® X, XR, XS, and XS Max
iPhone® 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max
iPhone® 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max
iPhone® 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max


BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] has 3-Pk ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector: iPhone 13/14 Plus/Pro/ProMax on sale for $13.99 - 10% off when you "clip" coupon on item page - $5.60 off w/ promo code: VCAINB72 = $6.99. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+

Available Options (after clipping coupon and applying code: VCAINB72):

BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] have iPhone 14 Series Slim Transparent TPU Case. Shipping is Free with Prime or on orders $25+.

ESR Clear Case Slim Transparent TPU CaseESR Krystec Clear Case Ultra-Yellowing ResistantESR Krystec Clear Case Compatible with MagSafe, Ultra-Yellowing ResistantESR Armorite Screen Protector

JTech is running offer with 50% Apply coupon option

JETech Case for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1-Inch, Non-Yellowing Shockproof Phone Bumper Cover, Anti-Scratch Clear Back (Clear) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B8RFS4LQ/

Gusgu Tech [amazon.com] via Amazon has iPhone Charger 20W Wall Charger & 6Ft Lightning Cable on sale for $7.50 with code: FOLNK9NQ. Shipping is free.

Also available:

iPhone Charger 20W Wall Charger ×2 & 6Ft Lightning Cable ×2 [amazon.com] on sale for $25 -50% off with code: 7YUQQHSP = $12.50 with Free Shipping.

40% off code: 2VNR6UDT

Adjustable Height and Angle: The adjustable phone stand provides you with a comfortable viewing angle, it can be easily adjusted to the (10°~ 45°) angle and it has two levels of height adjustment, the height can be easily adjusted between 6.5 in-7.8 in (1.58 in adjustable range) providing comfortable viewing experience.
Weighted Anti-slip Base: This phone stand for desk is equipped with a weighted base and an aluminum alloy rod that makes a lower center of gravity. The base is stable and not easy to topple. The top bracket support up and down was continuously adjusted 20,000 times with no loosening.
Ergonomic Design: Desk cell phone stand with smooth edge, sturdy, lightweight. Aluminum alloy has good wear resistance and heat resistance.
Wide Compatibility: The cell phone stand is compatible with all 4-10 inches cellphones in phone cases, such as for iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max /11 12 Minni/ XR /SE/ 8 7 Plus/XS MAX/, Galaxy S21 Ultra/S21/S20/Note 20/S10/S9 Plus/Edge, Google Pixel, Moto, LG, Nexus, etc.
Ideal Desk Helper: Indispensable desktop accessories, using this lightweight phone stand you can free your hands, good helper in your office, kitchen, nightstand, dining table; Charging hole make you use Facetime and Youtube while charging.


Amazon BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android $69 (usually $99) 12-8-2022 only free shipping [amazon.com]

[Pro OBD2 Scanner] - BlueDriver is the easiest way to scan and understand your vehicle like a professional mechanic. Read and clear your car's trouble codes and check engine light.
[Read & Clear All The Codes] - BlueDriver's enhanced vehicle diagnostics gives you access to information normally available only to mechanics on their OBD2 scan tools. Now you can read and clear ABS, Airbag, SRS, TPMS codes, and many more.
[Get The Right Fix] - Much more than a car code reader, BlueDriver is a diagnostic tool. Get unlimited specific repair reports containing possible causes, reported fixes, and more for virtually every vehicle make and model (1996 and newer).
[Wireless & Bluetooth Enabled] - Say goodbye to wires. BlueDriver connects with Bluetooth via your phone/tablet to a sensor that plugs into your car's OBDII port. Get all of the capabilities of an expensive code reader & scan tool without any annoying wires.

Amazon Basics ABS USB-A to Lightning Cable Cord, MFi Certified Charger for Apple iPhone, iPad, White, 1-Ft

Other options on sale as well.

Super good price.




Sweetwater has the Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Electric Guitar in Olive Tiger Aged Gloss on sale for $699. The other finishes cost $899. To me, the highlight of this guitar is the Fishman Fluence pickups. These are powered pickups, but not "active" in the high-output EMG sense; they offer three voices: vintage, modern, and single coil. In my experience, Fishman Fluence offers better and more diverse sounds than solutions like coil splitting.

Highlights from Sweetwater include:
  • Fuses classic Les Paul design with modern style, sound, and playability
  • Mahogany body with attention-grabbing carved hard-maple top — the tried-and-true LP tonewood combination
  • Multi-voice Fluence humbuckers provide vintage and modern humbucker tones, plus hum-free single-coil textures
  • Super-comfortable mahogany neck with an ergonomic asymmetrical SlimTaper shape
  • Fast-playing 12-inch-radius ebony fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets
  • Contoured heel makes accessing higher frets effortless
  • Ultra-modern weight relief for added comfort during marathon performances and extra-long sessions
  • Grover-locking Rotomatic tuners supply rock-solid tuning stability and lightning-fast string changes
  • LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece provide optimal tone and near-endless sustain
  • Graph Tech NuBone nut adds sustain and clarity
  • Eye-catching custom binding and a sharp-looking aged gloss finish


There was 50% off for 14 a few minutes ago but gone now.

Only clear case is 50%

120$ off latest price.
1-year satisfaction guarantee and 90%+ battery health.


Walmart [walmart.com] has OtterBox Defender Series Pro Case for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max - Black for $19.00. Shipping is free w/ Walmart+ (free trial available [walmart.com]) on orders $35+

Product Description from Store
Defender Series Pro Phone Case is the latest generation of legendary OtterBox Defender Series protection. Defender Series Pro provides advanced defense for your device. Defender Series Pro integrates a silver-based antimicrobial additive into the case that helps inhibit microbial growth. Weaving the additive into the case materials ensures it keeps protecting your case 24/7/365 and outlasts heavy use. The premium rugged design displays clean lines with a comfortable grip. Plus, the raised edge offers added camera and screen defense. To round out this protective package, port covers help keep dust and dirt out of your device. Defender Series Pro also includes a versatile holster that clips to belts and bags and doubles as a hands-free kickstand. Defender Series Pro provides the Pro Drop Protection you need to defend your everyday.



Looks like not posted yet. Searching for an entry-level iphone deal without port-in. ran into this
Cricket Wireless
iPhone SE 2020
128GB / 64GB
New Number / Port-In

Device for $0 when you agree to buy 2x $60 plan upfront.

Limit 2 devices per account.

Feels like a decent one for me. Wish they ran iPhone SE 2022 deals...

Visible is selling IPHONE 12 MINI for 399 with $250 gift card and IPHONE 12 for 499 with $250 gift card

Port IN and 3 months of service require for Gift Card

Phone will be automatically unlocked after 60 days.

Iphone 12 MINi - $399 + Tax + $90 - $250 - $45 Cash back

Iphone 12 - $499 + Tax + $90 - $250 - $45 Cash back


VIP Outlet | eBay
Unlock Policy [straighttalk.com]
  • "For Apple devices activated with new Straight Talk Service on the Straight Talk network on or after November 23, 2021, the device will be automatically unlocked sixty (60) days after activation in the absence of an indication of fraud. "
  • See all Straight Talk plans here [straighttalk.com].

20% off - Amazfit GTR 4 Smart Watch for Men Android iPhone, Dual-Band GPS, Alexa Built-in, Bluetooth Calls, 150+ Sports Modes, 14-Day Battery Life, Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Monitor, 1.43


Anker USB C GaN Charger 30W, 511 Charger (Nano 3), PIQ 3.0 Foldable PPS Fast Charger, Anker Nano 3 for iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13 Pro/13 Pro Max, Gal


Verizon has 30% off most official Apple silicon/leather cases for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The only one that isn't discounted is the Pro Max leather case. Silicon cases are $34.99, leather cases are $41.99. I believe this is the biggest discount on official cases since its release. Free 2-day shipping!

Leather 14 pro: https://www.verizon.com/products/...sku5600054
Silicon 14 pro: https://www.verizon.com/products/...sku5600058
Silicon 14 pro max: https://www.verizon.com/products/...sku5600067

Best Buy [bestbuy.com] is offering $525 for an iPhone 11 (64gb and up) trade-in on a Pixel 7 (could be also for Pixel Pro). There are several Slickdeal threads regarding trade ins of different phones, but posting this for those who wish to not deal with any carrier service.

If you have an iPhone 11 already, just take it to a Best Buy store and trade it in after doing a factory restore and boot up to screen showing phone s/n etc..
This HAS to be done in store because trade in credit is more than the sale price of the Pixel 7 ($499 for 128gb). If you are going for the Pro or 7 with more storage, you could start the trade-in online. Phones that can be traded and their values are listed Here [bestbuy.com]
Some have had good luck with getting an iPhone from the current deals at several carriers such as Metro PCS, but a quick and clean option is buying a Straight Talk version from Walmart Here [walmart.com] or just purchase in store. Inventory is getting thin, so if you can buy for store pickup today or tomorrow, that might be best.

ALT/Plan B: If you don't/can't trade in via Best Buy, you can still go the direct route with Google [google.com] and use their trade-in process. Currently they offer a credit of $484 for iPhone 11 phones. This would also give you time to get an iPhone if you order one for delivery for example. This plan doesn't require you leaving your home, but comes with higher risk perhaps.

Personally, I bought ST version of iPhone for $199 in store from Walmart and traded it in at Best Buy. The Walmart register shows "activated" just by purchasing it if they do it correctly. No service, add a line, activation fee, etc. No reason to use the included sim. So for $200 plus tax spent, I got a small amount on a gift card issued along with my free phone and no payment of any kind was given to Best Buy. I will say YMMV on this because it might vary by how they ring it up. If you do have to pay some at Best Buy, it should be refunded a short time later.

Sale price and trade in amounts likely will change after 11/28/22, so act fast!

1. Purchase iPhone 11 for $199 or less.
2. Factory reset and have the screen with the s/n etc displayed. So phone will need some battery left and you don't need any extras like cords/chargers/case etc.
3. Visit Best Buy after confirming stock. State you wish to trade in for a Pixel 7. If you get the Straight Talk version, save yourself time and just state carrier locked with Verizon if they ask. Phone can be CARRIER locked, but can't be pin/password/face locked.

ACS Mall_ESR Authorized via Amazon have various style cases for iPhone 12/Mini/Pro/Pro Max on Sale from $1.95. Free Shipping w/ Prime or orders $25+

Use code UU3CAVQK + Clip on page coupon

Silicone Case with Screen Protectors -2 PacksPremium Silicone Case with Microfiber LiningHybrid Sidekick Case with 2 Screen Protectors (Clear)ESR Metro Series Real Leather Case (Black)ESR Vegan Leather Case, Supports Magnetic Charging (Black)

BDCollection via Amazon [amazon.com] has 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger for iWatch & iPhone for exclusive Prime member Price $11.91 - 10% with on-page coupon - 30% w/ code 9342LBJK = $6.71.

Shipping is free with Prime or on orders of $25 or more.

I admittedly haven't done a ton of research on this type of car charger/holder but seems like a decent deal compared with recent prices. This one comes without the power supply which costs $10 more. From what I can tell less useful and not worth it if you use CarPlay.


Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone [PlayStation Edition] - Enhance Your Gaming Experience on iPhone - Play PlayStation, Steam, Fortnite, Apex, Diablo Immortal, Call of Duty: Mobile & More

Cheaper than previous deal


Looks like previous visible deal is back with $300 gift card on phone purchase.


Backbone Labs Inc. via Amazon

For those interested

, offer valid while pricing/supplies last

No extra work needed just open the page and it is automatically applied.

1 Device - $17.49
2 Devices - $22.49
3 Devices - $24.99
5 Devices - $34.99
10 Devices - $64.99

Unlimited devices
$22.49 / yearly


Techmatte via Amazon [amazon.com] has 2-Pack amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 11/12/13/14 Mini/Pro/ProMax or Galaxy S22.
Shipping is Free w/ Prime or on Orders $25+. Use the following links and corresponding coupons to maximize discounts.

Available models:

Straight talk has NEW iPhone 11 64 GB for $235 ($199.99+$35 plan).
Can be unlocked after 60 days from the activation. Only one month of service is required. After that keep the phone for another one month unlock.
To unlock the phone Send UNLOCK to 611611.
You will get the unlock date via SMS

Techmatte via Amazon [amazon.com] has 50% off select 2-Pack amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 11/12/13/14 Mini/Pro/ProMax or Galaxy S22 and more. Shipping is Free w/ Prime or on Orders $25+. Use the following links and corresponding coupons to maximize discounts.

Available models:

Apple iPhone SE 64GB 5G model is on sale for $329 with a Cashback of $300. Combine this with CB on $45 on a particular shopping app and you have yourself a great deal. There are other storage options too but this one was getting it closer to 0 from pocket.

Please follow other visible Slickdeals where we have discussed in detail about these visible Cashback requirements.



Metro has the $50 for iphone 11 deal, which is worth 525 trade-in value at BB. All you need to pay is $50 for iphone 11, $60 for one month service, and $20 activation fee.

I did this at a corporate store. I tried with $40 plan first, they refused, and I did not insist. They then tried to charge me $10 insurance. I refused and showed them the official website. They insisted for a while, and gave up finally.

You can get a $50 gift card after three months of service, which I found not worth it. Instead, I immediately called to downgrade to the $30 plan. They cannot refund me the difference, but the credit carries on for the next month. So you paid 130+tax for a iphone 11 and two month service.

I went on to trade in the iphone at BB for pixel 7 pro. The total cost is 225+tax. In some states, the total 525 is tax free, but in other states, only 350 is tax free, and the rest 175 is treated as a gift card. So depends on your state, you either pay 225+tax, or 400+tax-175.

Finally, I called Metro to transfer the line to the new Pixel 7 pro, since I cannot do it online for some reason. The rep was trying to charge me $20 for doing that. I argued it makes no sense since I am not activating a new line but simply want to switch a phone. The rep gave up. I was able to use the esim for the Metro line.


Walmart [walmart.com]
-Availability for W+ members starts at 12 pm Est, then at 7 pm Est the deal is available for non W+ members.
  • OtterBox Limited lifetime warranty supported by hassle-free customer service (They charge you shipping fee)


Google store has iphone 7 32 gb at 246 trade-in value. If you don't have it, it can be easily found at around $70 for second hand, so the total cost is $53+70. No hassle like instore port-in needed.

There are other trade-in options, but iphone 7 is the sweet spot, since iphone 6s is only $100, and iphone 8 is $242. (Yes, they made it lower than iphone 7, if you want pixel 6a. If you want pixel 7, it's at $295).


Probably not a popular deal because of monthly credit. Looking past it and assuming we all need the phone for the rest of our life, this is one of the decent deals available with no trade in.

From ATT.com


Iphone 13 128GB $5, 256 $10 512 $15 per month, post monthly credit

Called customer service and able to waive the activation fees and got additional $25 one time credit.

If you are not in iphone family or need a phone without trade in , but dont mind sticking with ATT, this is a great deal.

Additionally, iphones will fetch $800 credit upto 4yrs for future upgrades. So your next upgrade is probably going to cost $5.

Requires Unlimited plan @40/month with autopay and autobill


Walmart [walmart.com] has Apple MY1W2AM/A USB-C - Power adapter - 30 Watt - for iPad/iPhone on sale for $27.86. Shipping is free for Walmart+ members.


As stated in the title, this may be YMMV but wanted to share. Here are the steps I took to get Verizon online customer support to offer $1000 trade-in over 36mo via email (screenshot below) as well as waiving the $35/line upgrade fee for 4 phones/lines. This is enough to get the equivalent of New Customer pricing as an existing customer. My trade in phones are iPhone 11 Pros, FWIW.

1 - After the new iPhones launched, I chatted with Verizon online chat asking if they could match the new customer pricing deal for existing customers otherwise I would just switch to get $1000 trade-in and free activation from another carrier. They declined.

2 - Approx 1 week later, I received a "just for you" offer via email. Screenshots attached. I chatted with Verizon online chat again, this time with my cart loaded with the 4 phones I would purchase and asked if they would waive the upgrade fee. They declined. I again said other carriers would waive that fee ($140 for 4 phones) but they said the fee was accounted for in their new trade-in offer of $1000. I said ok and emptied my cart.

3 - 5 days later, Verizon sent a follow-up "your offer will expire in 2 days" email. I again loaded my cart with the 4 iPhone 14 Pros I would purchase and used chat to ask if they would waive the upgrade fee. This time they did. The customer service rep added all of the phones and upgrades on his end and pushed the final order through. Screenshot of one of the phones on the final order attached.

Just asking for what I wanted netted an additional savings of $235 per phone or $940 in my case.

Upcoming deal on Monday 11/21.

Great deal if you are looking for a simple iPhone or using it as an iPod. $99.00


Also the iPhone 11 will be $199.00.


Membership Wireless via Costco Wholesale offers Buy 1
Select iPhone for T-Mobile, Get Up To $720 Off Another after rebate with Virtual Prepaid Mastercard when you activate a new line of service. Also, get $100 Costco Shop card. This offer is In-Warehouse only.
• Note: Qualified activation at Wireless Center required. Device and carrier selection vary by location.

offer valid 11/17 - 11/23/22


I found this because of the below deal about trading in an Iphone XR, but I think it deserves it's own thread, because this information is buried.

Best Buy is offering $350 as a trade in promotion when buying a Pixel 7 (or 7 pro) when submitting a trade for a BROKEN Iphone XS and above. I checked the XS, SE 3rd gen, 11, etc. All are showing $350 value for trade in, even when marking a broken screen and broken phone. Yes, they are giving $350 for trash, just to get you to buy a Pixel 7 or 7 pro.

Yesterday I ordered a Pixel 7 128GB in Snow for $499 plus tax, so a total of $537 or so. I submitted the order with a trade in of the broken iphone XS Verizon model, which was given a $350 promotional trade in value - the actual device value still showed as $0.00 on the order. I picked it up today, and the order total was adjusted to where it was ~$160 out the door with tax - yes the tax was lowered to the only being on the $149, but this may vary by state.



Original price: $7.99
Discount price: $3.99
code: MQFCSOMS 50% off code for all


In store on 25th Nov , 6AM till 2nd December

Online start 21st November

ATT or Verizon Postpaid account require or new account activation

Upgrade fees will apply for new or existing account.

60 days continous service require for ATT or Verizon to unlock the device .

You can pay upto 90% of the phone price at store and rest you can pay in store and close the account. I had tried this in past.

14 Pro Max - $1049 phone cost + tax + activation/upgrade + 1st month of service - $300 gift card

14 Pro - $949 phone cost + tax + activation/upgrade + 1st month of service - $300 gift card

Iphone 14 - $779 phone cost + tax + activation/upgrade + 1st month of service - $300 gift card

13 Pro Max - $949 phone cost + tax + activation/upgrade + 1st month of service - $500 gift card

13 Pro - $899 phone cost + tax + activation/upgrade + 1st month of service - $450 gift card


Works on all 3 major carriers.

Combine with carrier trade in of $800 for att or $1000 for Verizon. Upgrades are eligible.


Please do online, not in store. Trade in should go to Corp carrier store.

Hi Everyone,
I have not posted a deal in a very long time. So be kind.

I just checked Best Buy and they are matching the Google store's $100 off the 7 and $150 off the 7 Pro deal.

They are also now offering 460 Trade-in for my iPhone XR.
That makes the Pixel 7 $499 - $460 = $39
And the Pixel 7 Pro $750 - $460 = $290

This is a better deal on the 7 compared to the Best Buy Pre-Order Deal. It's arguably a better deal on the PRO Pr-Order deal if you don't value the gift card as much as cash. But let's not debate that here, please.

I am personally on the fence with the Pixel as my car only supports Apple Car Play.

I attached a PDF of my cart.


Promo code should auto-apply at checkout, but if not, use code: 509NSVP6

White Only:
5x 3ft = $5.99
5x 6ft = $6.99
5x 10ft = $9.50


If that link doesn't work, try this one. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T3K3K7D

BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized [amazon.com] via Amazon has Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, Compatible with iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro Max and iPhone 13/12 Series for $35 - $15.75 =$19.25 with code: RO2LIA5T. Not compatible with iPhone 14 Pro. Shipping is free.

iPhone Charger Apple MFi Certified $5.99
70% off code: 70DCDGFA

Deal Price : $5.99
Original price: 19.99



NOTE: Code only valid for Sold & Shipped by SF Planet [amazon.com] (NOT Fulfillment by Amazon). Shipping is free
  1. On product page, under "Add to List" click New Options and select the phone case that is sold and shipped by SF Planet (make sure you add the one that does NOT include Prime shipping, or codes will not apply)
  2. Add to cart
  3. Enter promo codes at Checkout

Starting from $299 at $8.31/month for 36 months, no contract, no monthly bill credit, pay off as early as you want.



Walmart iPhone Savings event:

Early Access for Paid Walmart+ Membership starts at 12pm ET 11/07/2022

Regular Acccess for this offer and price valid online from 11/07 7pm ET through 11/13 11:59pm ET.

In-store offer and price valid from 11/09 through 11/13 11:59pm Local Time.

This deal is $120 (24%) off on Worn Pacific Blue or Worn Wine Red. Beat the last deal by $20.


AT&T has Apple Midnight Black Leather Case with MagSafe Case for iPhone 13 Pro. Shipping is free.


Amazon [amazon.com] has Amazon Basics iPhone Charger Cable, Nylon USB-A to Lightning for $2.11. Shipping is free with Prime or on $25+ orders.

$8.97 lower (81% savings) than the list price of $11.08

Customer reviews:
★★★★ / 17,399 global ratings

About this Item:
  • IN THE BOX: 1-foot double braided USB-A to Lightning charging cable for charging compatible devices; silver
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Works with iPhone SE (2nd Gen) / 11 / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / iPad Pro / iPad Air / Air 2 / iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 4 / iPad 4th gen / iPod Touch 5th gen / iPod nano 7th gen and Beats Pill+
  • MFI-CERTIFIED: Uses Apple's original C89 smart chip to recognize and connect to Apple devices immediately; MFi-certified cables provide a safe and stable charging solution
  • FAST CHARGING: Wide-diameter wires and reduced cord resistance maximize charging speed (supports up to 2.4 amps charging current)
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Added layer of protection to Lightning and USB ends for improved durability and to reduce fraying; cable tested to bend 90-degrees 10,000 times
  • SECURE FIT: Sturdy unibody connectors resist damage while ensuring a secure fit with every insertion

Best Buy has Platinum Horween Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro (Black) on sale for $10.99. Select Free Curbside Pickup where stock permits, otherwise shipping is free on orders $35+.

Additionally, 4-Months Trial of Apple News+ and Apple Music plus 3-Month Trial of Apple TV+ Trials are included (automatically added to cart) for New or Returning Customers only.

Thanks community member wwphil for sharing this deal

Note, availability for store pickup may vary by location.

  • Magnetic charging compatible
  • Microfiber inner layer
  • Genuine top-grain leather

BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] has ESR Wireless Charger for $5.49 (iPhone 11 Series & Galaxy S20) and USB-C to Lightning Cable (2 Pack) at $6.99 for 3 ft and $8.49 for 6.5 ft when applying promo code ZY85PHUL at checkout. Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25 and up.

ESR Wireless Charger, Metal Frame Ultra-Thin Fast Charging Pad [amazon.com] $5.49
  • 7.5W Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, 10W Fast Charging Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/Note10, Pixel 3/4
  • Promo Code: ZY85PHUL
ESR USB-C to Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified

BDCollection US_ ESR Authorized via Amazon [amazon.com] has a 40%off discount code GD4OVGFD for iPhone 14 series Clear Cases and Magnetic Cases and More.
Shipping is free with Prime or on orders $25+.

Clip coupon and apply code GD4OVGFD

Best Buy [bestbuy.com] has the Insignia 10W Qi Certified Wireless Charging Phone Stand for Android/iPhone on sale for $8.49. Store pickup is free. Otherwise, shipping is free on orders $35+.

https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B6BR3SH2/​ [amazon.com]

2-Pk amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector: iPhone 14 Pro Max - $3.59 @ Amazon

Currently a lightning deal for $9.59

- $6 coupon (BYMRVBDA)

= $3.59

GUSGU TECH via Amazon [amazon.com] has Pautron iPhone Charger Cord, 3Pack 6Ft Lightning Cable on sale for $9.99 -60% off with code: 60IJTYTO = $3.99 and Free Shipping with PRIME.

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